Bronx Science Features Annual SINGing Sensation

For the fourth year in row, Bronx Science Wolverines exposed their creative talents in this year’s production of S!NG on March 6th, 7th and 10th. Aside from the school play and musical, S!NG is an outlet for students to introduce music, dance, and acting into the muddle of math and science events that the school regularly advocates for. S!NG allows for everyone to showcase their talent and dedication towards the arts and entertainment of the school.

Even though the snowstorm cancelled and rescheduled the show on Thursday, the students were able to go on and give their all in the performances on Friday, Saturday and the following Tuesday.

The underclassmen production, “The Spirit of Theatre,” and the upperclassmen show, “The Show Must Go On,” were both written, produced, and performed by Bronx Science Students.
The freshman and sophomores in the underclassmen show truly brought spirit to the auditorium as they broke into song in unison. They were natural even when they were in the background and didn’t have a speaking role and brought a certain life to the characters despite their limited experience in S!NG.

Aidan Gibbons ‘17 of Cast B and Nick Elkin ‘18 of Cast A, played the leading role of Mr. Fray, the drama teacher who was the head of the school productions (Each showing of the production had a separate cast). The rest of the cast would adamantly attempt to convince him that they needed an opportunity to perform their rock musical.
“I really admire the underclassmen for putting together a show surpassing expectations,” Dimple Belani ‘16 said after watching the musical on opening night.

On the other hand, the juniors and seniors put on a show that will be remembered forever with their phenomenal acting in the upperclassmen production. “The Show Must Go On” is about a student who is directing his own show; something he’s been wanting to do for a very long time. The production showcases the problems of the student director and how the problems are solved.

The songs and dances that were performed engaged everyone in the audience, including Shamira Talukder ‘17. “‘The Show Must Go On’ truly was an exceptional production. The performance of the upperclassmen was worth watching,” said Talukder.

The combination of both the underclassmen and underclassmen students’ effort made this year’s S!NG production spectacular. Now that this year’s production is over, everyone is looking forward to see what is to come next year.
The production of S!NG had everyone excited, whether it be the students or the teachers. Bronx Science English teacher and S!NG advisor Vicki McGuigan revealed that she is in love with the production herself.
“The best part of Bronx Science and S!NG is its students,” said McGuigan. “The S!NG 2015 cast and crew are so talented and they have been working really hard this year. They inspire me to sacrifice sleep and my own free time to help make this a better experience for all involved.”

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