Bitter-Sweet Conclusion To Boys Lacrosse Season

Bronx Science Lacrosse wasn’t much when it started–a group of students with almost no experience and cheap lacrosse sticks throwing around a ball in the courtyard after 10th period. Fast forward two years, and the now PSAL Boys Varsity Lacrosse team, coached by English teacher Barton Allen, made it to the Bowl Divison championship. Our entire season, Bronx Science Lacrosse didn’t truly have a home field. We either played at other schools or commuted to Randall’s Island, due mainly to the insufficient space at Harris Field. On May 18, though, walking into the Aviator Stadium Complex in Brooklyn, we saw students and families ready to cheer us on, giving us a taste of what a championship game should truly feel like. With actual seating for fans, announcers, and cameras, we were ready to play our final game against the Eagle Academy for Young Men. But this whole setting was far removed from Bronx Science Lacrosse’s beginnings. When lacrosse first came to Bronx Science, all it had was a group of kids who were interested in the sport and dedicated to getting better at it. It wasn’t even a team but a club. Our adviser, Mr. Allen, had played college lacrosse at SUNY Geneseo; in fact, he donated many of our first sticks himself. From these makeshift beginnings, two PSAL teams emerged: one for boys and one for girls. Soon, Benjamin Cornish, the engineering teacher, joined to coach the girls. My freshman year at Bronx Science, I was one of those earliest members of the lacrosse club and getting to the championship this spring has felt like a dream. Like the majority of the team, I had never pick up a lacrosse stick before coming to Bronx Science but when Mr. Allen put out a call for players, I decided to give it a try. The day of the final game, the weather was perfect. Every team member had relatives there to cheer us on. We ended up losing–a close game ending 7 to 5–but we gave the Eagle Academy one of the toughest matches they had played the entire year. Senior Will Erwin scored multiple times, and the team as a whole played harder than I’d ever seen. Being on the team was more than just an extra win at the end of the season, though. Although we lost the game, we lost giving it everything we had. Lacrosse for Bronx Science is in no way over.

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